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The worlds #1 REAL Wildlife NFT project 

Fig and Staking

Fig is the coin that powers UtanClan World. Figs are the main food of orangutans. Like the shape of Utan'Clan World, the fig has a heart in the center. You can earn and use figs in different ways. Such as staking, buy cheek padders and raise baby Utans.

Initial supply

In total there are 650.000.000 fig. So each orangutan can eat 10.000 :).

Earning fig 

> You can earn fig by staking Utan'Clan NFTs

   > each normal Utan earns 1 fig/day

   > each Genesis Utan earns 2 fig/day

   > each Legendary Utan earns 3 fig/day

> Earning fig with special actions

   > The community can earn fig by helping Utan'Clan, f.e. by writing an article

> You can earn fig by buying a Utan'Clan play forest

   > each fig tree will earn 5 fig/day

Spending, using and staking fig 

Figs can be used in many different ways.


Personalize and grow your Utan' Clan NFTs
   > 50 fig: Change the name of your Utan'Clan NFT

   > 200 fig: Change the name of the description of your Utan'Clan NFT

   > 1000 fig: Buy a fig tree for your Utan'Clan NFTs

   > 5000 fig: Buy a play forest for your Utan'Clan NFTs  (P2E)


Stake to make your Utan'Clan NFT 3D

   > If you stake your Utan'Clan NFT with 500 fig it will become e 3D version

   > The staking period takes 50 days

Buy Merchanise

   > During the growth of our project there will be different kinds of merchandise

   > See the example from our partner:

Donate with fig

   > Orangutans love fig. Therefore it is always possible to just donate them. 

   > Or buy a trip to visit the Sumatran Orangutan Center 

Mating process 

1. Stake a male with fig: 

   > Pongo pygmaeus: 50 fig

   > Pongo abelli: 200 fig

   > Pongo tapanuliensis: 1000 fig

2. Stake a female of the same kind of orangutan

3. After 25 days you will earn a baby Utan

4. If you stake your baby for another 25 days and feed him 100 fig he will get mature.   

In-game items and Utan'Clan metaverse features 

Fig will also be the power to Utan'Clan World. We will release info after development. 

You can think of buying trees, forests, fruit, etc. 

Utan'Clan DAO 

Fig will empower the Utan'Clan DAO.

We will use a part of the funds to invest in other projects. 

Utan'Clan NFT holders can make proposals and vote.

If a project is successful whole Utan'Clan community will share the revenue. 



Last but not least. This is a community driven project.
Nothing is better to meet up with other Utan'Clan NFT-hodlers. 

If the project grows we hope to organise events to meet up. 

And of course figs can be used. 

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Mating process
1) Stake a male with fig. He will become a cheek padder 
2) Stake a female of the same kind 
3) After 25 days you will earn a baby Utan
4) If you feed your baby fig you can stake him to get mature




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