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The worlds #1 REAL Wildlife NFT project 

Utan'Clan NFT distribution

Initial supply

650 Legendary Utan'Clan NFTs

5850 Genesis Utan'Clan NFTs

Total initial supply 6500 Utan'Clan NFTs

Population growth to 65000 

> Available by mating 58500 Utan'Clan NFTs (sums up to 65000)

> These NFTs are not for sale.

> There is a in game Mating process (minting)

> An adult man and açn make a baby

> This third badge will be 58500 normal Utan'Clan NFTs

> It will take quit some time to reach the max. supply


> There will be +/- 650 albino's  (1% chance)

> 50% will be male and 50% will be female

> The population will exist of: 

     > 60% Pongo pygmaeus

     > 30% Pongo abelii

     > 10% Pongo tapanuliensis

> There are a lot of different items. The percentage differ due to supply.

Utan'Clan passes 

There will be 10 Utan'Clan passes to team up with one of the 10 real orangutans (yearly renewed).

The first year these will be given to supporting communities

From next year these will be given out to the highest bid through an auction.

Utan'Clan Mating process  

A male can become a cheekpadder. You do this by staking the man and paying fig. The amount of fig need depends on the kind of orangutan you stake. A cheekpadder is fertile. If you then staked (or have already staked) a female, the mating process begins. After 25 days this results in a young. A young cannot yet live independently. If you stake the young and feed it with fig, it will grow into an adult orangutan.


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Mating process
1) Stake a male with fig. He will become a cheek padder 
2) Stake a female of the same kind 
3) After 25 days you will earn a baby Utan
4) If you feed your baby fig you can stake him to get mature

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