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The worlds #1 REAL Wildlife NFT project 


Onboaring communities  

> We will onboard 10 communities for marketing purpose

> Each community members gets a Utan'Clan pass,
   which will connect them to one of ten real orangutans. 

> Each community will get 10 Utan'Clan NFTs to give away.

> The team will hold 50 + 250 Utan'Clan for help (f.e. mods)


  Step 1 - Presale 650 Utan'Clan NFTs 

> Total NFTs step 1: 650 Utan'Clan NFTs

> 50 Utan'Clan NFTs for the team (give-aways, mods)

> 600 Utan'Clan NFTs for sale 

>>> This first badge will be Legendary Utan'Clan NFTs

  Step 2 - Presale 5850 Utan'Clan NFTs 

> Total NFTs step 2: 5850 Utan'Clan NFTs (sums up to 6500)

> 250 Utan'Clan NFTs for the team (give-aways, mods)

> 5600 Utan'Clan NFTs for sale 

>>> This second badge will be Genesis Utan'Clan NFTs

  Step 3 - Utan'Clan Population growth 

> Total NFTs step 3: 58500 Utan'Clan NFTs (sums up to 65000)

> These NFTs are not for sale.

> There is a in game Mating process.

> An adult man and adult women can make a baby

>>> This third badge will be normal Utan'Clan NFTs


  Total overview  

> There will be 65.000 Utan'Clan NFTs in total > There will be +/- 650 albino's  (1% chance)

> There will be 10 Utan'Clan passes to team up with one of the 10 real orangutans (yearly renewed)

> 25% of the first selling price and royalty fees will go to Orangutan Rescue (we will get more content)

> 25% of the first selling price and royalty fees will go to development fund (community driven governance)


Our main goals:

> Raise funds to help orang-utans to survive in this world (Orangutan Rescue),

> Build a Utan'Clan community around ten real life orang-utans,

> Create a Utan'Clan Metaverse where our Utan'Clan NFTs come alive, 

> Generate wealth for the community with all-kinds of features like play2earn, and

> Generate basic income for Orangutan Rescue (charity organisation) through;

    > creating funds to develop content around real orang-utans for our project and charity purposes

    > royalty fees by NFT-sales



20% sold

> Release staking mechanism and mating option

> Expand with a community manager

> Growing the community with our community partners

40% sold

> The first Play2Earn version (earn figs by playing)

60% sold

> Release of 3D Utans 

80% sold

> UtanClan Dao (investment protocol)
We will reinvest earnings to grow community worth
every UtanClan holder can make a proposal

and vote where to invest 

100% sold

> Building the Utan'Clan Metaverse

> Multi-chain functionality

> Expanding play to earn game in to the Metaverse

Together we bring Utan'Clan to life  


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