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The worlds #1 REAL Wildlife NFT project 

Whitelist (top secret)

Hi buddy.... you've found the whitelist! Well done!

Below is a form that you can fill in to be whitelisted. The doors of the Utan'Clan will then open. In addition to a super cool NFT community, you will also find yourself in the real life of orangutans. An admirable animal that is perhaps much more human than many people around you. We are already grateful to you for the help.


And oh yeah, I have a top secret 'secret word' for ya. If you are in the Discord group scream "Pongo pygmaeus!". You will be placed on a secret list. I'll poke you with a banana just before something special happens..... but don't tell anyone!

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Utan'Clan Whitelist
Amount of NFTs

Thanks for joining the Utan'Clan!